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The 4 Best Coastal Area Recreation Ideas for Active Adults

The 4 Best Coastal Area Recreation Ideas for Active Adults

The 4 Best Coastal Area Recreation Ideas for Active Adults

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Many consider living in the Gulf Coast area of southwest Florida paradise and you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Being on the coast allows for many opportunities to enjoy in different recreational activities and it is all typically in the beautiful weather of sunny Florida.

Here are some ideas of recreational fun that active adults in this area can participate in.

  1. The Beach

    This one is obvious, but it needs to be said. In the Naples and Bonita Springs area there are multiple beaches to choose from. From Bonita Beach to the Naples beach and pier, there are many different beaches that are suited for every individual’s needs.

    There are busier beaches like Bonita Beach but there are also more secluded and quieter beaches like Barefoot Beach. All offer great views of the gulf and a place to relax or enjoy some water activities. Some like Barefoot Beach offer trails through the mangroves and other activities for exploring nature.

  2. Fishing

    From grouper to snapper to snook, there are plenty of fish in the Gulf of Mexico to be caught. With multiple access points to the gulf there are many types of fishing to participate in. Deep-sea fishing is great for those looking to get out on the water and try to catch some bigger fish. There are many companies that have deep sea fishing excursions that are a way to get out on the water and possibly struggle with some of the bigger catches out there.

    For those that may get sea sick, there are also several options to fish off the coast on land whether it if off a pier, off the beach or another option.

  3. Boating

    Being on the coast creates endless possibilities on water based recreational activities. With the Gulf of Mexico so accessible in the Naples area it is no surprise that there are multiple ways to get out on the water. Enjoy a calm day on the gulf by renting a private charter or participate in a fishing charter Whatever you may choose there is sure to be an option for those looking to get out on the water.

  4. Hit the Links or the Courts

    The Naples area is perfect for the golf enthusiast as there are many courses to choose from. Many of these courses are within certain communities in the area and offer the option to live close by the course or even on the course in some cases.

With that being said, there are many different course options when looking to get a specific tee time. Also, on many communities as well you can find tennis to be a major part of residents’ lives with state of the art facilities and tennis pros not hard to come by. If either of these sports is of your interest than it is a great place to improve your game with the ability to play year-round.

Whether you are looking for proximity to the water and beach activities or you are looking for a top-rated golf course in your backyard, I can help you find the right fit for your needs. Feel free to contact me on my website located here.

The 4 Best Coastal Area Recreation Ideas for Active Adults
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