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InterestFirstSM Mortgage

If you’re looking to leverage your mortgage to expand purchasing power, this mortgage offers the benefit of a low, fixed-rate monthly payment.


For the first 15 years, monthly payments are lower than a comparable 30-year fixed-rate loan.
Gain control of your cash flow.
Ideal if you plan to stay in your home no more than 15 years and want the lowest monthly payment for that period.
Flexible cash flow for college costs, home improvements, IRA contributions, consumer debt reduction, or optional principal payments.

For the first 15 years, you pay only the interest due every month.
Any prepayments will reduce your principal balance and reduce future monthly payments.
Prepayment of principal may be made without penalty.
Payment adjusts at the start of year 16 to cover all interest and principal due on the loan for the remaining 15 years.
Monthly payment is fixed during years 16 through 30.

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