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How to plan a Staycation

How to plan a Staycation

Orizzonti house il located in Italy Sardegna Portobello di Gallura

Orizzonti house il located in Italy Sardegna Portobello di Gallura

Your Best Staycation Ever Could Happen in Your Home

When life gets too hectic, it’s sweet to dream about going to sleep and waking up in some idyllic place like France or London. For people who find busy airports and highways stressful or those who hate dealing with jet lags, however, a trip abroad may not be the best option.

If you find yourself needing to undo that knot of tension without going far, home is still the best place to be. Fortunately, if you live in sunny Naples, you don’t even have to leave your home to enjoy a restorative weekend “getaway.”

    For an awesome staycation, you need a plan!

    Just like any good adventure, you need a plan to make the most out of your staycation. As you’re staying at home, it’s easy to sway back into your normal routine or work. One peep at your email, for instance, may cause you to be on your phone for hours as you respond to urgent office concerns. This defeats the purpose for a staycation – which is to have fun, relax, and recharge.

    Here are some ideas to try on your next staycation:

  • Cozy Reading Binge
    In the company of an evocative author, even an armchair journey can be a life-changing trip. To take your reading time a notch higher, set up the place before you pick up your book. First, choose the coziest spot in the home. It could be a wicker chair on the porch or the La-Z-Boy in the living room – the important thing is to find a well-lighted area far from any possible distractions.

    Next, furnish your spot with all the “props:” pillows and throws for some extra comfort, reading glasses, a tall glass of water and another of your favorite beverage, and some light snacks. A dictionary and a notebook for some new words are optional. What you will read can also affect the experience, so make sure to choose your book wisely.

  • Mini Camping or Cruise

    Buy or borrow a tent and set it up in your backyard. Prepare as you would for a normal camping trip. Pack the essentials such as sleeping bags, blanket, drinks, snacks, mosquito repellents, and flashlights for everyone. To keep younger members of the family entertained through the night, arm yourself with some thrilling ghost stories.

    Alternatively, you may also take a little cruise. This works especially well for those who live in areas near beautiful lakes and beaches such as VeronaWalk in Naples, Florida. Many lakes offer romantic dinners or sightseeing cruises, especially in the summer; take advantage of that.

  • Relax Outside
    Sling some fairy lights onto tree branches or line the edge of the patio with tea lights and simply zone out to good music. Enjoy the natural harmonies of a summer evening, create a playlist of your favorite music, or play tunes that you would listen to if you were on vacation somewhere far. If you are frolicking the beaches of Bahia in your reverie, for example, play a bossa nova track by Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. If you’re feeling a bit melancholy and you imagine yourself traveling to a far-off place by train or plane, Sara Bareilles would make a great companion.

    If you live in Naples, you don’t have to go far to have the best staycation of your life. You just need a little bit of creativity, some detailed planning, and a willingness to put everything else on hold – and yes, that includes deleting your work email from your phone.

How to plan a Staycation
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