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5 Amenities That Every Vacation Rental Must Have

5 Amenities That Every Vacation Rental Must Have


5 Amenities That Every Vacation Rental Must Have

Renting out your home for the summer? Keep your occupancy rate high by offering these amenities:

  • Internet connection

    Guests want to stay connected, even when they’re on vacation. They’ll need a reliable Internet connection to be able to check emails, upload photos on social media, book flights, and check out local restaurant reviews. So make sure to provide Wi-Fi.

    You can adjust the rental fee by a few dollars to offset the cost. Place the router in a central location of the home so that all areas will get service.

  • Smart home technology

    Make your vacation rental stand out by equipping it with smart home technology. You don’t even have to spend a fortune to be able to do this. Just install a smart lock key system to make checking in and out easier for the guests. You can also install a nest thermostat to keep them comfy indoors.

    Amp up the entertainment – bring in a Smart TV so guests can watch Netflix after a long day on the beach, and add an advanced sound system so they can listen to their favorite tunes.

  • Kitchen appliances

    Some guests want to be able to prepare large meals in their vacation rental, especially if they’re staying as a group. So make sure that the kitchen is well-equipped. Install essential kitchen appliances and utensils. Throw in luxuries like a Nespresso machine, a juicer, and so on to make their stay more memorable.

  • Washer and dryer

    Include a washer and a dryer so that your guests can do their laundry on the fly. Though they can easily find laundry services in the area, keep in mind that vacationers want a home away from home, especially if they’re staying for extended periods.

    Moreover, a washer and a dryer can be useful if the rental is near the beach or an area that offers plenty of outdoor activities. It can also come in handy for guests who pack light and therefore need to be able to wash their clothes.

  • A means of transportation

    You don’t have to supply your guests with a car or shuttle service, but you can provide an easy means of transport with bikes, scooters, or even skateboards. This helps them get around the area easier. It’s also great for families with children, who might enjoy biking and skating while on vacation.

    Provide bicycle storage if you can. And since your rental is near the ocean, you can sweeten the deal by providing surfboards or kayaks that guests can use during their stay.

Other Tips

There are items that guests don’t expect to find in a rental, but which they appreciate when available. Provide packs of coffee, sugar, and creamer. Leave liners for the trash cans, some salt and pepper for the kitchen, and a hairdryer in the bathroom. Place a rocking chair or a hammock on the porch.

These are small touches that add warmth to the home and make things more convenient for your guests. With these tips in mind, you’ll raise your occupancy rate in no time.

5 Amenities That Every Vacation Rental Must Have
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