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Why Florida Is Still The Best Place To Retire

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Planning a late-life move? Here’s why the Sunshine State should still be top of your list:

  1. It’s got great weather and gorgeous scenery
    Florida is simply stunning – from pristine beaches to scenic deep water canals, the state is the kind of place you want to be part of. Wake up to the sight of light hitting the water, and fall asleep to the sound of gently rolling waves. It’s also home to a diverse mix of flora and fauna. Spend your days observing wildlife in and out of the water, and admire exotic plants and hardwoods as you go for an afternoon walk.

    The climate is another huge draw. You get more sunshine out in Florida, so if you want to escape the cold, biting winters of your hometown, then this is the place to be. That said, summers can be downright humid and oppressive – thankfully, most homes in Florida have HVAC systems that can keep you cool and comfortable.

  2. It has a large population of seniors
    A report from the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics stated that Florida had the highest percentage of older adults, with the said demographic making up 20% of its population. The report “2016 Older Americans Key Indicators of Well-Being” also found a high concentration of older adults in Sumner County, though retirees are dispersed throughout the state.

    This means that if you decide to retire in Florida, you won’t be alone – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people in the same age bracket as you.

  3. Some of the best retirement communities in the country can be found here
    The Sunshine State is home to numerous 55+ active adult communities, each with its own flavor and unique selling proposition, where you can move and blend right in. Most of these communities offer resort-style living, with a host of amenities to facilitate leisure and wellness. You can look forward to socials, clubs, and events where you can make meaningful connections.

    Though Florida is best-known for The Villages, a 160,000-strong retirement community in Sumner County, Naples is one of the most luxurious places to retire in the state.

    Located in Collier County, the city embodies Southwest Florida’s gold coast. Here you’ll find a walkable downtown, picturesque residential streets, and upscale homes and condos. For more information, call the Victor Cuccia Team at 239.417.3300 or send an email to

  4. Taxes
    Florida is a popular retirement option because of its relaxed tax laws. There is no state income tax. Social Security benefits and retirement income are not subject to taxation either. Moreover, there are no inheritance or estate taxes.

    Property taxes are reasonable – these are assessed at 100% of the property’s value, and a homestead exemption of up to $50,000 is available for permanent Florida residents.

  5. Lifestyle options
    Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the beaches, waterways, nature preserves, and golf courses that can be found here. Retirees are able to lead active lifestyles that help them stay happy and in shape. However, there are countless amenities for those who want a more sedate environment. Florida’s clubhouses, spas, shopping outlets, restaurants, cafés, and galleries are among Florida’s many indoor attractions.

For more details, visit the Florida Division of Retirement website.