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How to Make Your Home Hurricane Ready

When you make your home on the Florida coast, you know that hurricanes are something that you have to live with – and prepare for. While Hurricane Irma packed a wallop in 2017, fortunately the Naples Pier remained almost completely intact...

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View along Naples beach from the Sea, lush greenery & sand

Waterfront Home Designs for Naples, FL

Owning a waterfront home is a rare privilege, more so in sought-after Naples, FL, which is famed for its sugar white sand beaches. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to buy a waterfront home here. Prevalent architectura...

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Illustration and Painting

What It Takes to be a Property Manager

Property management can be a fulfilling job. But do you have what it takes to be an effective property manager? Read on to find out what a good property manager needs to do. Know the property inside out It’s crucial for property m...

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Best Places to watch Florida sunset in Naples

Places to Visit in Naples if You Love Watching the Florida Sunset With soft, beautiful hues of oranges, yellows, and reds set against a crisp blue sky, the sunset is always a breathtaking sight. If you have ever seen the sunset in Florid...

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How to plan a Staycation

Your Best Staycation Ever Could Happen in Your Home When life gets too hectic, it’s sweet to dream about going to sleep and waking up in some idyllic place like France or London. For people who find busy airports and highways stressful or ...

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Should you buy a boat? Pros and Cons

Moving from “Boating” to “Owning”? Let’s Weigh the Pros and Cons First-time boat owners can be any age, but the sooner individuals get into boating, the larger its lifetime value will be, says National Marine Manufacturers Associat...

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5 Amenities That Every Vacation Rental Must Have

Renting out your home for the summer? Keep your occupancy rate high by offering these amenities: Internet connection Guests want to stay connected, even when they’re on vacation. They’ll need a reliable Internet connection to be...

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What You Need To Know About Social Security

Entering retirement? Social security is a lifeline for many individuals. Here's what you need to know about receiving retirement benefits. Full Retirement Age If you were born after 1929 and you've worked for 10 years – the minimum ...

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4 Places to Eat Healthy in Naples, FL

In the Naples area, you will find that everyone is from a different part of the country and in some cases a different part of the world. Due to this diversity, there are many different restaurants throughout the area to choose from —each ...

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