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4 Places to Eat Healthy in Naples, FL

In the Naples area, you will find that everyone is from a different part of the country and in some cases a different part of the world. Due to this diversity, there are many different restaurants throughout the area to choose from —each ...

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4 Fun Ways to Stay Fit During Retirement

You are finally retired and ready to enjoy every day to it’s fullest.You may have big plans or maybe your plan is just to take it easy for now. Either is fine and you have worked hard to get to enjoy yourself, but it is important to remai...

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Finding the perfect vacation home to rent

White sand beach in Naples, Florida Have the perfect, stress-free vacation. These tips will help you find the right vacation rental for the whole family. Plan ahead Start your search six months up to a year in advance. It might seem ...

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How to Run a Vacation Rental Successfully

With its sunny streets, upscale lifestyle attractions, and inviting surrounding shorelines, Verona Walk and its neighboring Naples communities are irresistible to vacation-goers looking for some southern Florida fun and sun. Homeowners h...

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How to Plan for Retirement

Retirement is a huge milestone... and it can mean many things to many people. It can become the time to reward oneself with peace and relaxation, travel the world, pursue long overdue passion projects, or engage in other meaningful work. ...

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Discover the Lovely Parks and Piers of Naples, FL

The Naples pier is known for its spectacular sunsets. Nature enthusiasts have plenty to do at Naples. With acres of protected green space and scenic fishing piers, the city’s natural beauty will blow you away. Here are some places to ...

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