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4 Places to Eat Healthy in Naples, FL

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In the Naples area, you will find that everyone is from a different part of the country and in some cases a different part of the world. Due to this diversity, there are many different restaurants throughout the area to choose from —each with its own style.

Healthy eating restaurants have grown in popularity over the past few years. These focus on providing healthier options and often cater to those with dietary restrictions or preferences. Here are some of the healthy eating options in the Naples area.

  1. The Local

The Local is a restaurant all about sourcing the freshest local ingredients possible. They work with local farms and fishermen to source their ingredients daily. This means that what you are eating most likely came from just a short distance away. Utilizing what vegetables are currently available creates a wide variety of menu items that can change constantly. The focus is to provide food that is locally sourced but can also appeal to both meat eaters and vegetarians or vegans.

  1. Jane’s Garden Café

Jane’s is located on Third Street in Naples and has a focus on healthy living. They also source most of their ingredients locally and utilize them daily for some of the freshest meals around. One unique feature at Jane’s is that they offer gluten-free breads for anyone that may have no gluten tolerance. In addition to offering locally sourced food, they also put a focus on portion control by ensuring that the portions are a reasonable and healthy amount.

  1. Food & Thought

Referred to as the “Organic General Store,” Food & Thought is your one stop shop for healthy and conscious living. Not only do they have a café, which offers healthy food options, there is a grocery store, juice bar, garden and clothing store on the premises that all carry only natural and organic items. One of the great things about this place is that not only do they provide many healthy options they also provide education on healthy items and how to live a healthy lifestyle no matter how long you have been staying on a healthy path.

  1. The Cider Press Café

The Cider Press Café is a café that is strictly vegan and vegetarian allowing for many options for those non-meat eaters. Not only is it vegan and vegetarian friendly, it is also all strictly raw as the belief is that introducing these foods to heat it could reduce the amount of nutrients present in the item. With multiple awards under their belt and finding themselves on multiple top 10 lists about dining in Naples, this is a must try even for those who do still indulge in meat eating.

Working in the Naples area has allowed me to try many different eating establishments and I would be happy to give you my recommendation for whatever food you are in the mood for. If you are looking to move to the Naples area and want to test out the healthy eating options, I would be happy to take you out to try. Just contact me on my website and we can schedule sometime together.